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My Review on Magill's Insurance.

I have 20 locations that needed insurance.  This last year I had four agents compete for my business.  The Magill Agency won my business hands down.

I believe the reason for that is Wes took the time to come to my office several times to talk with me about my business.  The more he learned about my business, the more ideas he had about how to save us money.  When the bids were all in, Magill's was the lowest by far.  No one else was even close. 

Because of the savings, I was able to add an umbrella policy that actually doubled the amount of liability insurance we carry.

Service is as important to me as price.  When I want answers, I don't like to wait.  Wes has driven to my office on a moments notice several times.  He is a Christian man, and one of the nicest guys you will ever do business with.  He is a very impressive young man.
Helen at the office isn't just some "telephone clerk".  She knows the insurance business as well as anyone, and is friendly, knowledgeable,  and usually knows the answers I need off the top of her head. 

One last thing, three months after I changed my insurance over to Magills, Wes showed up at my office with the news that my policy was going to cost me $5000 a year LESS then the bid!  He had continue to work the price down even after he had won my business.  Not many agents would do that!
It's is for all these reasons that I confidently recommend Magills Insurance!

Greg Henry, MGM Restaurants, LLC, Weatherford, OK

When we moved to Weatherford, I contacted Magill Real Estate to show us available homes for sale.  Bobby Wright went out of his way repeatedly to make sure we saw everything in our market, and he had all the answers to our questions.  He kept us completely informed on all the details pertaining to the purchase of our new house.

We saved over $600 a year on our homeowners and car insurance thru the Magill Agency.  They tailored each policy for us personally and made sure we had the coverage we needed.  The employees are knowledgeable insurance professionals, and the customer service they provide is excellent.

I would gladly recommend the Magill Insurance and Real Estate to anyone.

John and Linda Thompson, Weatherford, OK
The Magill Agency has incredible service.  The personnel providing business or personal coverage  are experienced, energetic and service oriented.  They understand the importance of providing thorough information about the costs and benefits of various policy choices and assist in interpreting those differences. 

The agency's quick thorough service is unparalleled in the insurance business.  

The owners of the Magill agency are community minded as is evidenced by their support of many community, school and church organizations

Brian & Michelle Stephens, Weatherford, OK
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