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Utility Links

AEP/PSO   (Electricity) 1-888-216-3523

Center Point Energy (Gas) 1-866-275-5265

Sudden Link (Cable/Internet)  1-800-999-8876 OR 580/772-3882
Located at corner of Broadway & Rainey

City of Weatherford (water/garbage/sewer)  580/772-7451
Required to go in person to set up account. 

AT&T (Telephone/DSL) 1-800-464-7928

Post Office – 1 block North of Main on Custer

Technet Solutions - (wireless internet) 580-772-2224

46 Multimedia – (wireless internet) 580-890-0535

Direct TV 1-800-518-3307

Dish 1-800-277-1869

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