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The Magill Agency has partnered with The Hartford to help protect your investment in valuable horses and cattle.  We are excited to offer coverage at a competitive rate.  We offer AGREED VALUE, which means each covered animal's value is established by agreement between you and The Hartford prior to the policy issuance.  Let the livestock professionals at Magill Insurance help you today.


FULL MORTALITY - coverage pays for loss of a covered animal caused by an accident, injury, sickness, disease or theft resulting from any cause not listed in the policy exclusion.  FREE colic surgery ( Up to $3,000) included on horses.

MAJOR MEDICAL - After deductible, this coverage pays most veterinary medical and surgical expenses with limits of $5000, $7500 and $10000 available.  NOT AVAILABLE ON CATTLE.

PAYMENT PLANS - payment plans are available on premiums over $500. Ask for Details.

LOSS OF USE - Coverage applies if your horse becomes totally and permanently unfit to perform its use as specifies in the policy due to an accident, injury, sickness or disease.  Veterinary exam and x-rays requires.  NOT AVAILABLE ON CATTLE.

We have a number of other specific options that are available. Contact 
Thomas Merritt for more details.

Discounts for: 


Online Applicaitons

Equine Mortality Application

Substantiation of Value

Feedlot Insurance

Pasture Cattle Insurance

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