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Insuring your livestock may seem far-fetched, but think of the value these animals provide for your farming business. They haul heavy equipment and provide milk, eggs and meat. Take, for instance, the South Dakota blizzard two months ago; one snowy storm wiped out approximately 20,000 cattle, leaving the farmers without those animals and with a massive cleanup on hand. READ MORE >>

Fall is one of the nicest seasons weather-wise, and with the cooled-down temperatures, it’s one of the best times for people to take their family and spend some time outside. Hayrides are a favorite fall activity for many families! READ MORE >>

Farms are the original home businesses. And just like any other enterprise that merges personal and professional property, farms need to be covered by a wide range of insurance products, because when your home and your business are all rolled into one location, you face even more potential financial problems in the event of a single act of nature. READ MORE >>

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