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A house robbery is disturbing on several levels. Apart from financial loss, you also have to deal with the emotional insecurity that springs from the violation of your private sanctuary. After all, your house is your castle, so it’s only natural to be seized by feelings of panic and fear when you realize that your house has been broken into. READ MORE >>

It’s a moment that every homeowner dreads; someone has been injured on your property. Maybe it was a landscaper in the middle of tending to your lawn or it could have been a housekeeper as she was vacuuming your stairs; it’s possible it was the nanny as she prepared breakfast for your son or maybe it was a neighbor who tripped when she came by for morning cup of Joe. READ MORE >>

You don't need to practice Zen Buddhism in order to recognize the wisdom in some of its tenets. In fact, with a little modification, many of the principles of Buddhism can even apply to your insurance planning. 1.     Be mindful. READ MORE >>

You may think that commercial property insurance is all you need to protect your business property; however, commercial property insurance does not cover certain incidents such as equipment breakdown, which could create a benefits gap that your company can ill afford. How Breakdowns are Different READ MORE >>

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