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In April, world-famous artist Thomas Kinkade, whose work could be seen in over 10 million homes according to the New York Daily News, died at age 54. Whenever an artist dies, the value of his or her work – which will now never be repeated – increases. READ MORE >>

Term life insurance policies are popular products for those who are just getting started and those who need a little extra padding as they work to pay off debt and increase savings. But term policies are temporary and it’s important that you understand what happens when coverage ends, before you buy one. READ MORE >>

Your life is a rich, complex experience with many ups and downs. Your life insurance death benefit should be adjusted so that it can help your heirs meet the obligations left by all of the events that occur. Some of the situations which may prompt a change in life insurance death benefits include: READ MORE >>

In order to save on expenses, health insurance plans offer several different options with various network possibilities. The two most often discussed types of plans are: ·         Health maintenance organizations or HMOs: These have closed networks of doctors that you can choose from when you need medical attention. READ MORE >>

Post-Divorce Health Insurance If you were on your spouse’s group health insurance policy before your divorce, then you may need to make some changes once your divorce is final. Use COBRA If you notify the health plan administrator of your spouse’s group policy within 60-days of the divorce, you can continue group coverage under COBRA. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, your day is filled with a variety of concerns and preventative measures you must consider. You have to be mindful of profits and loss, employee staffing concerns, payroll, marketing, and the many things that can often cause your business to bleed money without even trying. READ MORE >>

Farms are the original home businesses. And just like any other enterprise that merges personal and professional property, farms need to be covered by a wide range of insurance products, because when your home and your business are all rolled into one location, you face even more potential financial problems in the event of a single act of nature. READ MORE >>

If you want to sell your home, you’ve probably been told that you need to have an open house in order to give a large number of potential buyers the opportunity to take a look inside. But an open house could present a liability issue if someone is injured while on your property. READ MORE >>

As a home owner your needs may differ from everyone else's. Consult your agent to help determine your needs and find the insurance policy that is fits you. Home Insurance Home insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it. READ MORE >>

It is easy to have blinders on when looking for home insurance quotes. Sometimes, while spending many hours looking for policies, among a pile of different quotes, shoppers can end up confining their selection to price and deciding on the cheapest quote. READ MORE >>

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