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Insuring your livestock may seem far-fetched, but think of the value these animals provide for your farming business. They haul heavy equipment and provide milk, eggs and meat. Take, for instance, the South Dakota blizzard two months ago; one snowy storm wiped out approximately 20,000 cattle, leaving the farmers without those animals and with a massive cleanup on hand. READ MORE >>

Water damage, whether from small drips, burst pipes or big storms, can wreak havoc on homes and homeowners. Without proper drying and cleaning, homes that retain extra moisture can develop mold and mildew, which can lead to serious health problems. The faster you call in professionals, the more likely it is that your home and furniture can be restored. READ MORE >>

Roasting marshmallows and singing songs under the stars are favorite camping pastimes for many folks. It’s easy to relax amidst nature, so long as you take safety precautions to ward off any potential dangers. Sleeping in an RV (as opposed to a tent) provides optimum protection while in the woods, but does not eradicate the elements and wildlife from posing threats. READ MORE >>

Fall is one of the nicest seasons weather-wise, and with the cooled-down temperatures, it’s one of the best times for people to take their family and spend some time outside. Hayrides are a favorite fall activity for many families! READ MORE >>

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 9,326,238 acres of land were affected by 67,774 wildfires in 2012. The effects of wildfire are devastating to communities and the environment. It’s also disastrous to your home insurance rates if you are in a wildfire-prone area. READ MORE >>

According to research studies from established auto safety groups, American teenagers drive a lot more during the summer months than they do during the school year. This raises the risk of accidents and can also have an effect on a family’s auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

An open window, a badly hidden key, a mediocre lock or any seemingly minor error on your part could lead to a major burglary in your apartment. Statistics show that there are close to 4,000 burglary cases everyday in the country. Besides causing sizable economic loss, a burglary can also render your house vulnerable to future theft or larceny. READ MORE >>

Points are accumulated on a person's license when he or she has a violation. It could be a speeding ticket or the result of an accident. If you have points, you will pay more for insurance as a result. Auto insurance rates go up when you get points. According to an article published in Forbes. READ MORE >>

With the selection of different livestock insurance policies available, it is essential to determine exactly what farm coverage you need. Knowing your specific circumstances will guide you through the different options and will ensure that you select your plan wisely. READ MORE >>

The last major hurricane to hit the USA, Hurricane Sandy, caused an estimated $75 billion worth of damage as it ripped through the North Eastern United States in October 2012. Alongside the hurricane came a great deal of debate, with scientists and meteorologists questioning whether global warming is causing this apparent increase in hurricane frequency and intensity. READ MORE >>

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